Cyperus alternifolius L.

Umbrella Sedge, Umbrella Palm

Family: Cyperaceae

Genus: Cyperus

Category: Grass

Zones: 9 to

Size: To 5' tall

Exposure: Filtered Sun, Part Shade, Shade


No basal leaves. Each stem has a spiral of dark green bracts which are like leaves and up to 12" long and 5/8" wide.


'Gracilis' - to 18" tall

'Variegatus' - creamy white variegation, may revert, to 2' tall, part to full shade

Subordinate taxa: 


Native to Madegascar, Tropical Africa and South Africa.

Published in Mant. Pl. 1: 28 in 1767.

Tropicos shows it as a synonym of Cyperus involucratus Rottb.


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