Dahlia pinnata Cav.


Family: Compositae

Genus: Dahlia

Category: Perennial

Zones: 9+ - frost tender

Size: To 3' tall

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Tubers will survive colder temperatures in the ground but lifting and storing in a cool dry place is often best. Numerous cultivars and hybrids. Showy flowers in summer and autumn, now in many colors.

Dahlia, with leaves opposite, pinnated with an odd one ; the pinnules five, ovate, and notch-dentated. (Bot. Repos.)

Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Icon. (Cavanilles) 1: 57: 80 in 1791.

Native to Mexico and the national flower of Mexico.

Synonym is Dahlia superflua (DC.) W.T.Aiton.

Also published in Bot. Repos. 6: 408 in 1804 and 7: 483 in 1807 as "var. nana".


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