Dammara australis D.Don

Photo credit: Original from Descr. Pinus courtesy of Biodiversity Heritage Library - (provided by Missouri Botanical Garden) modified to provide labels.


Family: Araucariaceae

Genus: Dammara


When I published my former work on Pines; although I was well aware that the Dammar would prove a very different genus from Pinus; yet, as I had not then sufficient materials to enable me clearly to define its characteristic marks, I preferred uniting it to that genus. Great credit is due to Mr. Salisbury, who, in his valuable paper on the Coniferae inserted in the "eighth volume of the Transactions of the Linnaean Society," was the first to separate it, and has there, with great accuracy, determined its distinguishing characters. The fine species, of which I have here given a figure is a valuable addition to the genus, and will serve to illustrate and establish with greater precision those important marks, on which the genus is founded. I have retained the old name given to this genus by Rhumphius, (Dammara) in preference to that proposed by Mr. Salisbury. (Agathis). (Desc. Pinus)


Published in Descr. Pinus 2: t.6 p.14 in 1824 and in ed. 3 #50 in 1832.

Basionym of Agathis australis (D.Don) Lindl.

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