Danae racemosa (L.) Moench

Alexandrian Laurel, Poet's Laurel




Family: Asparagaceae

Genus: Danae

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 7 to 9

Size: 2 to 3' tall and wide

Growth Rate: Slow

Exposure: Part Shade, Shade


Open habit, arching branches. Glossy, alternate, emerald green leaves, pointed. Inconspicuous flowers in spring followed by showy orange red berries in autumn. Spreads by rhizomes. Foliage discolors in the sun.


Native to Northern Iran and Asia Minor.

Introduced in 1713.

RHS Award of Merit in 1933.

Published in Methodus (Moench) 170 in 1794.

Basionym Ruscus racemosa L.

My Experience: 

Saw this for the first time on a trip to Raleigh in 2011. A friend bought one but I did not have sufficient shade for it at that time.

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