Diastella thymelaeoides (P.J.Bergius) Rourke

Steenbras Silkypuff, Bryum-flower Diastella

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Diastella

Category: Shrub

Size: To 5' tall


Erect shrub. White flowers, round, on upright stems with leaves tight to the stems. Leaves oval, to 1/2" long.

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Subordinate taxa: 


Published in J. S. African Bot. 42(3): 199 in 1976. Native to South Africa.

Basionym Leucadendron thymelaeoides P.J.Bergius.

Synonyms: Protea concava Lam., Paranomus concavus (Lam.) Kuntze, Diastella bryiflora Salisb. ex Knight, Protea villosa Jacq. ex Meisn.

Also by association with P. villosa Jacq. ex Meisn.: Mimetes thymelaeoides R.Br.,


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