Duchesnea indica (Andrews) Focke

False Strawberry, Indian Strawberry, Mock Strawberry, Wild Strawberry, Yellow-flower Strawberry

Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Duchesnea

Category: Perennial

Zones: 5 to 9

Size: To 6" tall and 24" spread

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Trailing stems root at the nodes, to 12" long. Alternate leaves, hairy stems, yellow flowers. Blooms in spring. Red fruit looks like strawberry but dry and bland.

Strawberry with three-divided leaves: leaflets ovate, pointed, and scolloped : footstalks long : empalement ten-cleft, and hairy beneath : the five outer ones are rounded and notched: the inner ones are ovate, and pointed : peduncles long : flowers yellow : fruit red and insipid. Branches hairy, and creeping. (Bot. Repos. - Fragaria indica)


Published in Nat. Pflanzenfam. (Engler & Prantl) 24: 3: 33 in 1888.

Native to Afghanistan, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines.

Basionym is Fragaria indica Andrews.

Synonyms: Duchesnea fragiformis G.Don, Duchesnea fragiformis Sm.

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