Encyclia cordigera (Kunth) Dressler

Large-lipped Encyclia

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Encyclia

Category: Houseplant


Two leaves. Blooms in winter and spring. Strong fragrance.


Published in Taxon 13: 247 in 1964.

Basionym Cymbidium cordigera Kunth.

Native to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Synonym Epidendrum macrochilum Hook. published in Bot. Mag. 63: 3534 in 1836.


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Crosses with standard Cattleyas give larger flowers but shape of the Encyclia. Gives dark colors. (Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance - AOS.org)

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