Epidendrum anceps Jacq.

Brown Epidendrum, Double-Edged Epidendrum

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Epidendrum


Erect stems and basal leaves. Blooms throughout the year, small fragrant flowers on long apical stems. Blooms from the same inflorescence for several years. Flowers are brown to orange.

Epidendrum, with lance-shaped leaves, alternately sheathing the stem, twisted, and discoloured with a deep purple : flowers terminate the branches in umbels, of a brownish colour, dotted or striped. (Bot. Repos. - E. fuscatum)


Published in Select. Stirp. Amer. Hist. 244 in 1763.

Native to Florida and South America.

Synonyms: Epidendrum fuscatum Sm., Epidendrum secundum Sw.


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