Epigaea repens L.

Gravelroot, Mayflower, Ground Laurel

Family: Ericaceae

Genus: Epigaea

Category: Groundcover

Zones: 3 to 10

Size: To 6" tall with 24" spread

Exposure: Part Shade, Shade


Creeping mat of leathery foliage, aromatic, evergreen. Pink or white flowers in terminal clusters, fragrant, in spring, followed by white berry. Difficult to establish and maintain.

Epigaea with stems that lay on the earth; leaves between heart and egg-shape, quite entire, and netted; blossoms salver-shaped.

The flowers of this plant are extremely fragrant... (Bot. Repos.)


Published in Sp. Pl. 1: 395 in 1753.

Native to the eastern and central US and Canada.

Also published in Bot. Repos. 2: 102 in 1800: ...it was first introduced by P. Collinson, Esq. in 1736, from N. America; where it is found in most parts, from Virginia, as far north as Canada.

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