Faurea rochetiana (A.Rich.) Chiov. ex Pic.Serm.

Broadleaf Beechwood, Large-leaf Beechwood, Pussycat Tail

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Faurea

Category: Tree - Deciduous

Size: To 26' tall


Gnarled trunks. Leaves hairy when young, dark green above, lighter below, red autumn color. Flowers in spikes, drooping, to 10" long, cream to yellow.

See ProteaWorldOnline and PlantzAfrica for photographs.

Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Webbia 7: 327 in 1950.

Basionym Leucospermum rochetianum A.Rich.

Synonyms: Faurea speciosa Welw., Faurea rochetiana subsp. speciosa (Welw.) Troupin, Faurea decipiens C.H.Wright, Faurea speciosa subsp. lanuginosa Hiern, Faurea discolor auct.

Native to Africa.


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