Fragaria indica Andrews

Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Fragaria


Strawberry with three-divided leaves: leaflets ovate, pointed, and scolloped : footstalks long : empalement ten-cleft, and hairy beneath : the five outer ones are rounded and notched: the inner ones are ovate, and pointed : peduncles long : flowers yellow : fruit red and insipid. Branches hairy, and creeping. (Bot. Repos.)

From Bot. Reg. A species remarkable for uniting in itself the blossom of the Cinquefoil and the fruit of the Strawberry; but has no other value in the garden than that which may be put on the fine bright poppy-coloured fruit as an ornament, being on the other hand destitute of all flavour and fragrance.


Published in Bot. Repos. 7: 479 in 1807. It is a native of the north-east parts of Bengal.

Basionym of Duchesnea indica (Andrews) Focke

Also published in Bot. Reg. 1: 61 in 1815.

From Bot. Reg. Native of the mountains of the continent of India, where it was seen by Dr. Buchanan on the sand by the sides of the rivers in Nepaul... Introduced by the late Mr. Charles Greville, by whom it was cultivated at Paddington in 1804.

Other names listed in Bot. Reg.:

Duchesnea fragiformis Sm. 1811 - synonym

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