Gladiolus ringens Andrews

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Gladiolus


The Gladiolus ringens about mid-day has the flavour of violets so powerfully, that a single plant is sufficient to scent a whole greenhouse. (Bot. Repos.)

Subordinate taxa: 


"var. cinereo odorato"

Published in Bot. Repos. 1: 27 in 1798. has been introduced to us constantly from the Cape of Good Hope, but from its great delicacy has been repeatedly lost: The plants now in England, have been imported from Holland, from the collection of Messrs. Voorhelm and Co. who about the year 1793, purchased the largest collection ever formed at the Cape, from a Frenchman who had been many years resident there.

Synonym of Gladiolus carinatus Aiton

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