Gladiolus roseus Andrews

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Gladiolus


From Bot. Repos.: The fragrance of its flowers, added to the singularity and beauty of its leaves, must place it in the foremost rank of its congeners. To preserve the bulb of this delicate Gladiolus, as soon as the stem begins to decay, it mould be taken from the pot, and kept dry till October; when it should be replanted, and treated as other Cape bulbs. It increases by offsets, and flowers about the month of May, or June.


Published in Bot. Repos. 1: 11 in 1798. Nom. illeg. (later homonym Gladiolus roseus Jacq.)

Synonym of Gladiolus caryophyllaceus (Burm.f) Poir.

From Bot. Repos.: This most beautiful species of Gladiolus, is but of very recent date in England; in the year 1795 it was seen first to blow here, in the collection of J. Ord, Esq. Purser's-cross, Fulham...

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