Goodenia calendulacea Andrews

Family: Goodeniaceae

Genus: Goodenia


Published in Bot. Repos. 1: 22 in 1798. The Goodenias are all natives of New Holland, and received their generic name of Dr. J. E. Smith, President of the Linnaean Society; in honour of the Rev. Dr. Goodenough, whose valuable dissertation on the British species of Carex, does him the highest honour, as a botanist. The species of this genus (as yet discovered) are ten, from which we may infer that they are numerous; those only yet introduced to Britain are, the laevigata, ovata, and the present species; the others are described by the President, in the second volume of the Linnaean Transactions... Our figure was taken from a plant which flowered at the Hammersmith nursery, in 1797; where it had been raised from seeds, communicated by Colonel Paterson, then commanding at Port Jackson...

PlantList shows the author as J.Kenn.

Synonym of Scaevola calendulacea Druce

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