Guarianthe bowringiana (O'Brien) Dressler & W.E.Higgins

Bowring's Guarianthe (Gur.), Bowring's Cattleya (C.)

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Guarianthe

Category: Houseplant

Size: Flowers to 3" diameter


Club-shaped pseudobulbs with 2 or 3 narrow leaves, 6 to 8" long, leathery. Blooms in autumn on long inflorescences.

From Orchid Album (Cattleya bowringiana) petals much broader than the sepals, oblong-ovate and obtuse, all of a rich rosy purple, the netted veins being of a deeper hue ; lip elliptical or oblong-oval, the basal part rolled over the column, the colour of the outside being rosy purple, front portion of the lip spreading, of a deep maroon-purple, throat white.


Published in Lankesteriana 7: 38 in 2003.

Native to Belize and Guatamala.

Basionym Cattleya bowringiana O'Brien, pictured in Orchid Album and Dict. Icon. Orchid.

From Orchid Album This plant was introduced by the Messrs. Veitch & Sons, of Chelsea, in the year 1884, from British Honduras in Central America. It was found on cliffs by the side of streams, in close proximity to waterfalls, where these plants obtain a large amount of moisture during the whole year ; whilst in the growing season the heavy rain falls induce the plants to make rapid growth. It must, however, be borne in mind that all through these excessive rainfalls they have a free circulation of air both night and day, which helps to strengthen their growth and bring their bulbs to maturity...


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Produces deep colors and clusters of flowers. No fragrance. Dominant for shape, vigorous habit, number of flowers, and color. (Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance -

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