Hedyotis pedunculata (Thunb.) Nakai

Family: Rubiaceae

Genus: Hedyotis


Published in Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 41: 518 in 1927. Laurus pedunculata of Thunberg does not belong to Lauraceae, but belongs to Rubiaceae.

Basionym Laurus pedunculata Thunb.

Synonym Cinnamomum pedunculatum (Thunb.) J.Presl.

From J. Arnold Arbor. 20: 49 in 1939: For years, the name Cinnamomum pedunculatum has been attached to a variety of specimens from all over southeasterrn Asia. It has not been clear exactly what did comprise the true species. Nakai first established the identity of Laurus pedunculata Thunberg, upon which Nees, apparently, without having seen the specimen, based C. pedunculatum. The specimen, however, as Nakai states, is Hedyotis pedunculata (Thbg.) Nakai.

The name is unresolved - Kew shows is a unplaced and not accepted but offers no alternative.

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