Hemerocallis citrina Baroni

Citron Daylily, Long Yellow Daylily

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

Genus: Hemerocallis

Category: Perennial

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Nocturnal - blooms just before sunset and close the following morning. Flowers are pale lemon-yellow, fragrant, mid-summer. Leaves are coarse, to 40". Scapes to 45", branched near the top.

Used in hybridizing but not seen frequently as the species because of the nocturnal flowering habit and narrowness of the flower segments.


Native to China, Japan and Korea.

Published in Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital. n.s. 4: 305 in 1897.

Synonyms: Hemerocallis altissima Stout, Hemerocallis coreana Nakai.

Listed in Dr. Stout's book, Daylilies: The Wild Species and Garden Clones Both Old and New of the Genus, in 1934.


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