Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L.

Coastal Daylily, Common Yellow Daylily, Orange Daylily



Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

Genus: Hemerocallis

Category: Perennial

Zones: 5 to 10

Size: 3 to 6' tall with 3.5" flowers

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Orange flowers with yellow throats in spring to summer.

Considered invasive in some states. The American Hemerocallis Society says: H. fulva is an infertile triploid daylily which does not set seed but does spread by rhizomes. If left unattended it can form large colonies over time.


Subordinate taxa: 


Native to China, Iran, India and the Caucasus.

Published in Sp. Pl., ed. 2 1: 462 in 1762.

Basionym Hemerocallis liliosphodelus var. fulva L.

Listed in Dr. Stout's book, Daylilies: The Wild Species and Garden Clones Both Old and New of the Genus, in 1934.

Fulva means 'orange-yellow' in Latin.

Synonyms: Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso, Hemerocallis f. kwanso fulva.


My Experience: 

I was given a fan by a friend in July 2012 and planted it in the Daylily Fountain Garden.

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