Hemerocallis graminea Andrews

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

Genus: Hemerocallis


The flowers of this plant last in general, two or three days before they decay, are very sweet scented... (Bot. Repos.)


Published in Bot. Repos. 4: 244 in 1802.

Synonym of Hemerocallis minor Mill.

Listed by Dr. Shiu-Ying Hu in American Horticultural Magazine in 1968.

We have little doubt but that this is the species of Day-Lily known to botanists, since the days of Parkinson and Gerarde, under the character of a small leaved variety of the Yellow Day-Lily, although it has been many years lost to the country. It is one amongst the many plants introduced by Dr. Sibthorpe, to the Oxford botanic garden. As a native of the northern parts of Europe, it is as cold hardy as either the H. flava or H. falva, to both which species it bears strong affinity; although, we conceive, sufficiently distinct from either, to constitute a species... (Bot. Repos.)

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