Hesperantha radiata (Jacq.) Ker Gawl.

Nodding-flowered Ixia (Bot. Mag.)

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Hesperantha

Category: Bulb

Size: 16" tall

Exposure: Sun


White to cream flowers, nodding, open late in the day, fragrant, in spring. Keep dry when not in bloom.


Published in Icon. Pl. Rar. (Jacquin) 2: 280 in 1789.

Basionym Hesperantha radiata Jacq.

In Bot. Mag. 16: 573 in 1801, Ker Gawl. cites Ixia fistulosa Andrews under Ixia radiata. Then in 1804 in Ann. Bot. (König & Sims) 1(2): 224, he describes Hesperantha for the first time and transfers Ixia radiata to Hesperantha radiata.

Native to South Africa.


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