Hymenogyne glabra (Aiton) Haw.


Family: Aizoaceae

Genus: Hymenogyne


Illustrated in Hooker's Icon. Pl. 20: 1995 in 1891:

Originally introduced by Mr. Masson over a century ago, this singular member of the group of Mesembryaceae has been wholly lost sight of until Professor Gurthrie recently called the attention of Mr. Bolus to it...


Published in Revis. Pl. Succ. 192 in 1821.

Basionym Mesembryanthemum glabrum Aiton.

This species is annual, and according to the Kew Catalogue, was introduced to the royal gardens by Mr. F. Masson in the year 1787. (Bot. Repos. - Mesembryanthemum glabrum).

Native to South Africa.

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