Ilex cassine L.

Dahoon Holly




Family: Aquifoliaceae

Genus: Ilex

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 5 to 10

Size: 20 to 30' tall, 15' wide

Growth Rate: Moderate

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade, Shade


Leaves have a sharp bristle at the tip and several teeth. Narrow growth habit with upward pointing branches. Can be rather open and straggly looking. May be deciduous in cooler climates. Red or yellow berries. Foliage not as dark green as Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens'. Prefers light soil in moist areas.

Subordinate taxa: 


Native to southeastern US, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Published in Sp. Pl. 1: 125 in 1753. Lectotype = "Agrifolium Carolinense foliis dentatis baccis rubris" in Catesby's Natural History Volume I Plate 31 Page 31.

Introduced in 1762.


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