Illicium floridanum 'Halley's Comet'

Halley’s Comet Florida Anise-tree

Leaves and flower

Leaves and flower


Family: Schisandraceae

Genus: Illicium

Parent: Illicium floridanum

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 7 to 9

Size: 6 to 8' tall, 4 to 6' wide

Growth Rate: Moderate

Exposure: Part Shade, Shade


More floriferous than the species and the flowering period is longer. Deep red flowers, dark green foliage.


Discovered in Florida by the late John Allen Smith of Magnolia Nursery, AL.

Other Cultivars: 

My Experience: 

I purchased a 1-gallon plant from Nurseries Caroliniana in August 2008 and potted it up before planting behind the garage in summer 2009. It suffers a little from the sun and needs lots of water but it has grown and flowered reliably. Once the sprinklers were installed in summer 2011 it was much happier.

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