Ipomoea hederacea Jacq.

Family: Convolvulaceae

Genus: Ipomoea


From Bot. Reg. It is seen in perfection only in the very early part of the day, and is called " the Morning Glory," in America.


Published in Collectanea (Jacquin) 1: 124: 36 in 1787.

Synonym of Ipomoea nil (L.) Roth

Also published in Bot. Reg. 1: 85 in 1815.

From Bot. Reg. The species is seldom seen in our gardens, altho' known in them from the days of Parkinson. Native of Virginia and Carolina; growing near gardens and in hedges on river-sides.

Other names listed in Bot. Reg.:

Ipomoea barbata Roth - synonym

Ipomoea nil (L.) Roth - accepted name

Convolvulus nil L. - basionym of Ipomoea nil (L.) Roth

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