Ipomoea sanguinea Vahl

Family: Convolvulaceae

Genus: Ipomoea


From Bot. Reg. ...a high-growing, twining, leafy, evergreen shrub, with a stem about the thickness of a man's thumb near the base, just above which it divides into numerous slender flexile branches, towards the ends of which the flower-stalks are produced from the axils of the leaves, sometimes drooping, at others upright. When placed in the bark-bed of the hot-house it grows with great luxuriance, and may be led along a trellis-work to a great length in all direc-tions. The bloom is of a deep orange-scarlet colour, about an inch long, with the diameter nearly twice as large as that of a crow-quill, beginning to appear about Februaryand continuing for some weeks in succession.


Published in Symb. Bot. (Vahl) 3: 33 in 1794.

Synonym of Ipomoea hederifolia L.

Also published in Bot. Reg. 1: 9 in 1815.

From Bot. Reg. [quote: The species was first recorded and described by Professor Vahl in his "Symbolae botanicae," from specimens sent to him from the danish West-indian island of Sainte Croix. In the living state it seems to have been unknown in Europe, until it appeared in the collection of the Comtesse de Vandes, into which it had been introduced by Mr. R. A. Salisbury, who had received the seed from the West Indies.

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