Iris longifolia Schneev.

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Iris


The leaves of this delicate Iris grow sometimes to the length of three feet, giving it a very singular appearance... (Bot. Repos.)


Published in Icon. Pl. Rar. (Schneevoogt) 7: 20 in 1792.

In 1776 Jacq. published Moraea fugax (Delaroche) Jacq. in Hort. Bot. Vindob. 3: 14. Then in 1803, Ker Gawl. published Moraea edulis in Bot. Mag. 17: 617 incorporating Moraea fugax Jacq., Iris longifolia Schneev. and Iris edulis L.f.

The accepted name is Moraea fugax subsp. fugax.

Also published in Bot. Repos. 1: 45 in 1799: This Iris is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, and was introduced to us from the collection of Messrs. Voorhelm and Schnevoght, of Haarlem in Holland, about the year 1792.

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