Ixia fistulosa Andrews

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Ixia


Published in Bot. Repos. 1: 59 in 1799. For this plant, our gardens are indebted to the Dowager Lady De Clifford, who received the bulbs from the Cape of Good Hope in the year 1794.

Synonym of Hesperantha radiata (Jacq.) Ker Gawl.

In Bot. Mag. 15: 573 in 1801, Ker Gawl. cites Ixia fistulosa Andrews under Ixia radiata. Then in 1804 in Ann. Bot. (König & Sims) 1(2): 224, he describes Hesperantha for the first time and transfers Ixia radiata to Hesperantha radiata.

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