Jacaranda caerulea (L.) J.St.-Hil.

Jacaranda, Green Ebony, Fern-tree

Family: Bignoniaceae

Genus: Jacaranda

Category: Tree - Deciduous

Zones: 10 to 11

Size: To 20' tall

Exposure: Sun


Blue flowers in spring, trumpet shaped, in clusters, opening a few at a time. Well-drained alkaline soil.


Published in Expos. Fam. Nat. 1: 317 in 1805. Catesby's Natural History Volume I Plate 42 is cited.

Basionym is Bignonia caerula L. - Lectotype = "Arbor Guajaci latiore folio, Bignoniae flore caeruleo, fructu duro in duas partes desiliente, seminibus alatis imbricatim positis" in Catesby's Natural History Volume I Plate 42.

Some controversy over the accepted name. PlantList shows J. caerulea (L.) Juss. - but IPNI and ARS-GRIN show this as "nom invalid, combination not made". They show J. caerulea (L.) J.St.Hil. as the valid name. The Linnaean Typificaton Project shows the accepted name as J. caerulea (L.) Griseb. (published in Fl. Brit. W.I. (Grisebach) 5: 446. 1862.)

Native to the Caribbean.

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