Lachenalia ensifolia (Thunb.) J.C.Manning Goldblatt


Family: Asparagaceae

Genus: Lachenalia

Category: Bulb


Small plant. White, pink to light purple flowers. Two broad lance-shaped basal leaves, prostrate.


Published in Edinburgh J. Bot. 60(3): 565 in 2004.

Basionym Mauhlia ensifolia Thunb.

Synonyms: Massonia violacea Andrews, Polyxena ensifolia (Thunb.) Schönland.

...they are natives of the Cape of Good Hope, or, at least, grow within that point of Africa generally so called, but at some distance from the Cape town, near a mountain (according to Thunberg) of the name of Bocklands Berg. (Bot. Repos. - Massonia violacea)


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