Lambertia formosa Sm.

Mountain Devil

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Lambertia

Category: Shrub

Size: 3 to 6' tall

Exposure: Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Stiff, leathery leaves, linear to 2" long but only 1/8" wide, sharp tip, pointing up. Flowers at the ends of the branches, red, tubular, in groups of 7. Horned seed capsules follow the flowers - hence the name 'Mountain Devil'. Moist, well-drained soil, filtered sun to part shade.

Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 4: 214 in 1798.

Native to Australia.

PlantList shows the name as unresolved.

'Formosa' = beautiful (Latin) - referring to the flowers.

Also published in Cult. Prot. 109 in 1809. A prickly shrub... The specific name applies only to the Flowers, the foliage being generally of a sickly hue.

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