Lasiopetalum quercifolium Andrews

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Lasiopetalum


A low depressed shrub, covered in every part with a brown, stellated, rigid, subpungent pubescence. Leaves alternate, three or five-lobed, with the lobes obtusely sinuate, dark, green on the upper surface, pale and woolly underneath; but both sides as well as the footstalks and margins are studded over with the above-mentioned starry pubescence. Stipules opposite, generally three-lobed, resembling the leaves, on short footstalks. Peduncle solitary, opposed to the leaf, bearing a simple raceme of red flowers looking one way. (Bot. Mag.)


Published in Bot. Repos. 7: 459 in 1807 and later in Bot. Mag. 36: 1485 in 1812.

Basionym of Thomasia quercifolia (Andrews) Gay.

Native to New South Wales, Australia.

Status is unresolved in PlantList Australian sites show it as Thomasia quercifolia.

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