Leucadendron comosum (Thunb.) R.Br.

Ridgecone Conebush, Common Ridge-cone Conebush, Candelabra Conebush, Ramentaceous Chasme, Tufted Chasme

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Category: Shrub

Zones: 9 to 11

Size: 6' tall

Exposure: Sun


Yellow bracts on female flowers with elongated brown-red cones. Tips of bracts pink-red. Foliage needle-like with spread tips, pink tinged.

See Protea Atlas Project for photographs.

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Published in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 10: 63 in 1810.

Native to South Africa.

Basionym Protea comosa Thunb.

Synonyms: Leucadendron aemulum R.Br., Leucadendron deasii E.Phillips, Protea incurva Andrews.

ProteaWorldOnline adds Chasme ramentacea Salisb. ex Knight.


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