Leucadendron corymbosum P.J.Bergius

Swartveld Conebush

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Size: To 6' tall


Yellow flowers on stems from the main stems.

See Protea Atlas Project for photographs.


Published in Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Handl. 325 in 1766.

Native to South Africa.

Synonym: Protea corymbosa Thunb.

In Trans. Linn. Soc. London 10: 57 in 1810, Brown cites Protea bruniades L.f. also and ProteaWorldOnline concurs. They also list Protea bruniaefolia Salisb. ex Knight.

Two manuscript names ericifolia and purpurea have never been published. The latter was quite widely used in the early 1800s. Salisbury regarded the name corymbosum as an error, but the flowerheads are somewhat corymb-like in appearance. ProteaWorldOnline.


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