Leucadendron daphnoides (Thunb.) Meisn.

Du Toit's Kloof Conebush, Giant Pompom

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Category: Shrub

Size: To 5' tall

Exposure: Sun


Erect form. Cream to green-yellow flowers, 1.5" diameter, bracts from green to yellow aging to pale red.

See Protea Atlas Project for photographs.


Published in Prodromus (A. P. de Candolle) 14: 226 in 1856.

Basionym Protea daphnoides Thunb.

Synonym Leucadendron venosum R.Br., Protea venosa Kuntze.

Synonyms listed by ProteaWorldOnline: Leucadendron concolor var. insigne Meisn., Leucadendron concolor var. lanceolatum Meisn., Leucadendron retusum Drège ex Meisn, Leucadendron grandiflorum H.Buek ex Meisn., Protea rugosa Thunb., Leucadendron rugosum Meisn.


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