Leucadendron dubium (Meisn.) H.Buek ex E.Phillips & Hutch.

Cedarberg Conebush, Beater-bush Conebush

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Category: Shrub

Size: To 5' tall

Exposure: Sun


Elliptical, hairy leaves, small. Densely hairy cones.


Published in Fl. Cap. (Harvey) 5(1): 529 in 1912.

Native to South Africa.

Basionym is Leucadendron buxifolium var. dubium Meisn.

Also listed as L. dubium H.Buek ex Meisn. in Prodromus (A. P. de Candolle) 14: 215 in 1856 and L. dubium H.Buek in Zwei Pflanzengeogr. Docum. (Drège) 73: 198 in 1844.


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