Leucadendron lanigerum H.Buek ex Meisn.

Common Shale Conebush, Rough-leaf Conebush, Squarrose Protea

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Category: Shrub

Size: To 5' tall


Linear leaves, blue-green, cream to yellow flowers, terminal.

See Protea Atlas Project for photographs.

Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Prodromus (A. P. de Candolle) 14: 222 in 1856.

Synonyms: Leucadendron rubricallosum H.Buek ex Meisn., Protea squarrosa Salisb. ex Knight,

The variety laevigatum should be a subspecies as it is geographically isolated and quite distinct. ProteaWorldOnline


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