Leucadendron rubrum Burm.f.

Spinning Top Conebush, Hillock Gisonia, Plumosum, Small-head Euryspermum

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Size: To 8' tall


Brightly colored cones look like spinning tops. On male plants the branches are flexible, stout on females, and much hairier. Leaves grey-green, hairy when young. Flowerheads at the ends of the branches, yellow.

See Protea Atlas Project, PlantzAfrica for photographs.


Published in Fl. Ind. (N. L. Burman) 4 in 1768.

Synonyms: Leucadendron plumosum R.Br., Protea plumosa Aiton, Protea parviflora L., Leucadendron parviflorum Druce, Protea obliqua Thunb.

ProteaWorldOnline lists Gissonia collina (Salisb. ex Knight) 1809 and Protea arcuata (Lam.) 1791 but African Plant Database shows this as the basionym of Leucadendron arcuatum (Lam.) R.Br.


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