Leucadendron sessile R.Br.

Sun Conebush, Western Sunbush

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Leucadendron

Zones: 8+?

Size: To 5' tall


Dense shrub, short branches. Yellow flowers, flattened in male, lemon scent. Elliptical leaves, narrow to 3" long. Red margins and tips on the leaves, leaves turn yellow in winter and spring when in bloom.

See Protea Atlas Project, PlantzAfrica for photographs.


Published in J. S. African Bot. 33: 141 in 1967.

Synonym Leucadendron humifusum auct.

Native to South Africa.

ProteaWorldOnline lists Leucadendron conchiforme K.Schum., Protea conchiformis Kuntze.


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