Liatris microcephala K.Schum.

Narrow Leaf Blazing Star, Littlehead Liatris, Gay Feather

Newly planted

Newly planted


Family: Compositae

Genus: Liatris

Category: Perennial

Zones: 6 to 10

Size: To 2' tall and wide

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Clumping form. Drought tolerant with fine foliage and stems with pink-purple flowers in summer. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Not wet soil in winter.


Native to the southern Appalacian Mountains.

Published in Just's Bot. Jahresber. 26: 1: 378 om 1900.


My Experience: 

I purchased a 1-gallon plant at Gardenhood in May 2012 and planted it in the Berm On the Border. It did not return in spring 2013.

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