Lycoris radiata (L'Her.) Herb.

Red Spider Lily




Family: Amaryllidaceae

Genus: Lycoris

Category: Bulb

Zones: 6 to 10

Size: 12 to 18"

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


The leaves die down in summer and flower stalks come up in late summer. The flowers have red petals which curve back. The bulbs do not like to be disturbed. Divide in early summer when the plant is dormant. Plant 2 to 3" below the soil level. Green strappy leaves from autumn through to summer. Often don't bloom in the first 2 to 3 years.


Published in Bot. Mag. 47: 2113 page 5 in 1819.

Native to China and Japan.

It is a native of China, was introduced by the late Dr. Fothergill... (Bot. Repos. - Amaryllis radiata)

Basionym Amaryllis radiata L'Her.


My Experience: 

I purchased 6 bulbs from Eden's Blooms in April 2013 and planted them in the Triangle Island Garden raised bed.

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