Malva reflexa Andrews

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Malva


From Bot. Repos. Mallow with wedge-shaped leaves, unequally gashed into lobes; petals reflexed.


Published in Bot. Repos. 2: 135 in 1801. Later homonym - not the same plant as Malva reflexa J.C.Wendl. based on research and listings from the following sources which show it as a synonym of Malva tridactylites Cav. and therefore as a synonym of Anisodontea fruticosa (P.J.Bergius) D.M.Bates:

Nomencl. Bot. (Steudel) 1: 507 in 1821

Gen. Hist. 1: 464 in 1831

Nomencl. Bot. (Steudel), ed. 2. 1: 94 in 1841

Syn. Pl. (D. Dietrich) 4: 815 in 1847.

Bradley Biblio. Vol. II Part II 525 in 1912

J. Bot. 29: 165 in 1891.

Native to the Cape of Good Hope. Seeds sent to England in 1794.

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