Malvaviscus arboreus Cav.

Turk’s Cap, Turk’s Turban, Ladie’s Eardrops, Scotchman’s Purse, Wild Fuchsia, Wax Mallow

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Malvaviscus

Category: Perennial

Zones: 8 to 10

Size: 4 to 6' tall and wide

Growth Rate: Fast

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Red tubular flowers throughout summer and into autumn, which look like a cap or turban. Herbaceous in zone 8 but evergreen further south. To overwinter in zone 8, cut back the tops in late autumn and mound the stumps with sand and mulch. Need ample water.

Achania with downy leaves, heart-shaped, three-lobed, and toothed. The outer cup is revolute, and hairy. Flowers grow solitary from the axillae of the leaves. Blossom nearly club-shaped. The petals are folded together and nearly closed, of a bright scarlet colour, nerved and downy. Stem shrubby, hairy, and near three feet high. (Bot. Repos. - Achania mollis)

Subordinate taxa: 


Native to the southeast US to North Carolina, Texas and Mexico.

Published in Diss. 3, Tertia Diss. Bot. 131-132 in 1787.

Synonym = Achania mollis Aiton - published in Bot. Reg. 1: 11 in 1815 and in Bot. Repos. 7: 452 in 1806-7 - It is a native of South America and the West Indian Islands, was found by Dr. Houston in Jamaica in 1731, and introduced by B.Berwick, esq. in 1780.

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