Melaleuca fulgens R.Br.

Wrinkled Honey Myrtle, Scarlet Honey Myrtle

Family: Myrtaceae

Genus: Melaleuca

Category: Shrub

Zones: 9+

Size: To 8' tall and wide

Exposure: Sun


Soft grey-green foliage, needle-like, to 1.5" long, aromatic. Red flowers with yellow tips.


Published in Hortus Kew. (W.T. Aiton), ed. 2. 4: 415 in 1812.

Native to Australia.

'Fulgens' = latin, bright colored.

Also published in Bot. Reg. 2: 103 in 1816. A species made known in the second edition of the Hortus Kewensis by Mr. Brown, who discovered it growing on the south coast of New Holland...

Introduced in 1803 by Mr. Peter Good.

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