Melasphaerula ramosa (L.) Klatt

Grass-like Gladiolus (Bot. Repos.)

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Melasphaerula


White to pale yellow flowers with a purple star in the center, on a branched stem. Erect, sword-like leaves with a purple mid-rib. Susceptible to frost and wet soils.


Published in Consp. Fl. Afr. (T.A. Durand & H. Schinz) 5(2): 203 in 1893.

Basionym Gladiolus ramosus L.

Synonym Gladiolus gramineus L.f.

Native to South Africa.

From Bot. Repos. (Gladiolus gramineus) From the Kew Catalogue we learn it was introduced in the year 1787, by Mr. F. Masson, to the royal gardens...

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