Microsorum thailandicum Boonkerd & Noot.

Blue Oil Fern, Blue Strap Fern, Cobalt Fern, Scarab Ferb

Family: Polypodiaceae

Genus: Microsorum

Category: Perennial

Zones: Not hardy

Size: 3" tall and 8" wide

Exposure: Shade, Winter In


Strap-shaped fronds, iridescent blue, to 18" long. Prefers low light and high humidity. Grows above the ground on another plant or in rock crevices. In cultivation use a mix of 50% potting mix and 50% perlite. Use pure unchlorinated water and keep moist but not wet.


PlantList shows the status as unresolved.

Published in Blumea 46(3): 581 in 2001.

Native to China, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Sometimes wrongly listed as Microsorium thailandicum.

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