Moraea fugax subsp. fugax

Long-leaved Iris, Long-leaved Moraea, Yellow-rooted Moraea

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Moraea

Parent: Moraea fugax

Category: Bulb


From Bot Repos. (Iris longifolia) The leaves of this delicate Iris grow sometimes to the length of three feet, giving it a very singular appearance... It has a singular mode of propagating itself; the old root dying, two young ones are formed above it, from whence the flower-stem arises: seldom ripe seeds are produced.

From Bot. Mag. (Moraea edulis) Scape round, sheathed by the lower leaf, which is 2-10 times its length, sometimes attaining, according to SCHNEEVOGHT, the length of five feet... Flowers delightfully fragrant, varying exceedingly in size and in colour from a lilac to a deep blue, open in succession, and last about six hours each.

Trailing, linear leaves, large flower - Pacific Bulb Society


Moraea fugax (D.Delaroche) Jacq. published in Hort. Bot. Vindob. 3: 14 in 1776.

Synonyms of M. fugax subsp. fugax: Moraea edulis (L.f.) Ker Gawl., Iris longifolia Schneev., Iris edulis L.f., Moraea edulis var. longifolia (Scnheev.) Baker, Moraea longifolia Sweet.

From Bot Repos. (Iris longifolia) This Iris is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, and was introduced to us from the collection of Messrs. Voorhelm and Schnevoght, of Haarlem in Holland, about the year 1792.

From Bot. Mag. (Moraea edulis) Found at the Cape of Good Hope by THUNBERG growing in sandy places in Groenekloof, Swartland, and very abundantly in the low lands about Cape-Town and the Duyvelsberg.

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