Miltoniopsis Bleuana

Bleuana Pansy Orchid, Bleuana Miltoniopsis (Mps.)

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Miltoniopsis

Category: Houseplant


Registered and originated by Bleu in 1/1/1889.

Seed parent Miltoniopsis roezlii.

Pollen parent Miltoniopsis vexillaria.

Seed parent of Miltoniopsis Saint Andre, Miltoniopsis Hyeana, Miltoniopsis Lord Lambourne, Miltoniopsis Princess Mary, Miltoniopsis Sanderiana, Miltoniopsis Gattonensis and Miltoniopsis Vida.

Pollen parent of Miltoniopsis Orissa.

Synonym Miltonia Bleui.

This was the first Miltoniopsis cross made, named for Alfred Bleu, a French hybridizer.


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