Miltoniopsis roezlii (Rchb.f.) God.-Leb.

Roezl's Miltoniopsis, Roezl's Pansy Orchid

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Miltoniopsis

Category: Houseplant


Single narrow grey-green leaf. Blooms in summer or autumn. Two to seven flowers on each inflorescence, fragrant. Flowers are white with a purple blotch at the base of the petals, 3 to 4" diameter.

From Bot. Mag. Putting aside the different colour of the flower, the principal distinctions between this and 0. vexillarium are the more slender leaves, which are nerved beneath, less robust habit, fewer-flowered scapes, the obcordate lip and longer column of this...

Pseudobulbs one to two inches long, narrowly ovate, compressed. Leaves eight to twelve inches long, narrowly linear-lanceolate, acuminate, pale clear green above, paler and keeled beneath ; nerves parallel. Scapes about half the length of the leaves, slender, terete, 1-2-flowered ; bracts subulate-lanceolate, half an inch long, green ; pedicels exceeding the bracts, gradually passing into the slender grooved ovary. Flowers three to three and a half inches across, but probably variable in size, almost as large as and closely resembling in form those of 0. vexillarium ; perianth quite flat. Sepals subequal, one and a half inches long, the dorsal rather the narrowest, obovate-oblong, acute, snow-white. Petals as large as, and altogether similar to, the lateral sepals, but with a broad red-purple band across their breadth towards the base. Lip very large, two to two and a quarter inches in breadth, broadly obcordate with a mucro in the notch, very shortly clawed, snow-white, with faintly yellow marblings, tinged with pale red on the disk above the base ; a small spur-like horn arises on each side of the base of the claw, and is directed upwards and backwards, one on each side of the column ; and there are live short slender ridges on the disk in front of the interval between the spurs. Column not winged.


Published in 1881-05 15 vols. 9: 148 in 1889.

Basionym Odontoglossum roezlii Rchb.f.

Synonym Miltonia roezlii (Rchb.f.) G.Nicholson. - commonly used.

Other synonyms include Miltonia roezlii var. alba W.Bull.

Native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama.

Named for and English orchid collector in the 1800s.

Also published in Bot. Mag. 100: 6085 in 1874 and in Orchid Album 2: 64 in 1883 as O. roezlii.


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