Miltoniopsis vexillaria (Rchb.f.) God.-Leb.

Flag-like Miltoniopsis (Mps.)

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Miltoniopsis

Category: Houseplant


Pink to rose flowers, some white, to 4" diameter.


var. Leopoldiii - deep rose flowers and a large deep maroon blotch at the base of the lip.

var. superba - dark rose-pink sepals and petals and the lower sepal is streaked with red-purple near the base, large lip, carmine-rose with a triangular purple blotch and banded with white at the base.


Published in 1881-05 15 vols. 9: 63 in 1889.

Native to Columbia and Ecuador.

Basionym Odontoglossum vexillarium Rchb.f.


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