Miltoniopsis warszewiczii (Rchb.f.) Garay & Dunst.

Miltoniopsis (Mps.)

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Miltoniopsis

Category: Houseplant


Fiddle-shaped flowers white with a red to purple area near the base of the segments. Lip has a yellow hairy callus with three ridges surrounded by a dull red to purple patch. To 2.5" diameter.


Published in Venez. Orchid. Ill. (Dunsterville & Garay) 3: 6: 278 in 1976.

Native to Costa Rica and Panama.

Basionym Odontoglossum warszewicziiewiczii Rchb.f.

Synonym Miltonia endresii G.Nicholson and Miltonia superba Schltr.

Discovered by Joseph von Warscewicz, a Polish nobleman, in Costa Rica.


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